In a bid to offer brand safety data for desktop and mobile in-app video and display inventory, tech and data company Integral Ad Science (IAS) has expanded its collaboration with the Trade Desk, a tech platform for ad buyers, by integrating reporting.

Becoming the first partner to provide brand safety and ad fraud reporting directly via the Trade Desk platform, IAS has facilitated the Trade Desk customers an easy access to information in one place so they can explore data and get actionable, detailed reports tailored to individual advertisers.

Brand safety has been an important issue regularly resurfacing over the past few months and solid protection from inappropriate content is key for brands. The tightening of collaboration between the two companies resulting in a report integration means advertisers can ensure their media buys meet specific brand safety parameters. This happens as they can only bid on impressions which meet set standards across seven risk categories: violence, adult content, offensive language, alcohol, illegal downloads, gambling and illegal drugs.

IAS’ SVP, business development and platforms solution, Harmon Lyons, believes brand safety is currently a “growing concern” – and particularly when it comes to mobile – so the company provides advertisers with data to address this issue. Lyons further explained that the choice of partnership was driven by the Trade Desk’s commitment to championing transparency in programmatic.

The Trade Desk’s VP of data partnerships, David Danziger, added the company wants to aid advertisers to utilise inventory in line with their standards.  

“Integrating IAS into our buying platform is a step toward ensuring our clients have consistent control over their campaign with brand safe inventory, as well as granular, actionable reporting to inform their decisions,” he explained.