One of the most controversial topics touched on at PMI: London last year was affiliate marketing’s dominant commercial model. A high-profile panel of experts took on the challenging task of identifying the opportunities and consequences of the last-click model.

Moderated by Julia Stent, Fitflow co-founder and CEO, the panel brought together Anthony Clements, partnership operations and integrations at Button*, James Little, group commercial director at TopCashback, Ernest Doku, senior commercial partnerships manager at uSwitch and Michael Long, senior partner marketing manager at

It quickly became apparent that although the last click is the main model used in the world of affiliate marketing, “efforts are being made” to develop it further. The panel discussed the shortfalls, possibilities, and challenges marketers face when it comes to the affiliate commercial model.

Watch the video above for:

  • How affiliates, advertisers, and intermediaries can start to create new opportunities by thinking more creatively
  • Where intermediaries, such as tracking solutions and analytics companies, sit in regards to the conversation around reward models
  • Is affiliate marketing missing out on a trick with influencer marketing?

*Editor’s note: At the time of filming the session, Anthony Clements was UK country manager at Awin.