Most marketers now accept that modern consumers are more connected than ever and that we need new ways to interact, engage and reach our audiences, while identifying potential new customers from the wider, modern commercial society – for less money.

What many marketers have not yet realised is that consumers now live their lives through their social media channels and the latest social acquisition technology can help marketers identify their most profitable customers and find more, that look just like them.

Facebook rules the roost as the most popular social channel by far and is visited by 1.49 billion people every month. Being visible in your consumer’s preferred social channel is now the place for brands to be and where they must be to compete.

1. Finding new customers

Now you know where your customers are, how can you reach them? Innovative solutions available through social media can help you find, acquire and retain profitable customers, to help your business grow. Advertising on social media works because it identifies real people and it is eminently measurable.

2. Social advertising

Does social advertising work? The latest next-generation social advertising solutions can help marketers reduce their costs per lead by over 50% and nearly triple enquiry rates. When reached with Facebook ads, email openers are 22% more likely to purchase a product. It has also been shown that Facebook ads extend an email campaign’s reach by 77%.

3. Improved targeting

Target the right type of customer. You might spend more time acquiring some customers than they will ultimately give back to you in lifetime value. But all brands have rockstar customers; customers who are 100% engaged with your brand. The latest technology enables you to intelligently target them and their lookalikes. The benefits of using that technology as part of your social advertising campaigns mean you can:

  • Instantly match your CRM data to custom audience tools avoiding the time taken to select through millions of Facebook targeting criteria. Increase your existing CRM reach by 77% through access to the world’s largest social platform
  • Increase your targeting qualities by creating lookalike audiences from your existing profitable customer segments
  • Reach people at the perfect time with the right content and increase engagement rates by at least 26%
  • Reduce your cost per lead by at least 56% as the algorithms are fuelled by the data you already have
  • Trust the algorithms to deliver the right message allowing you to send hundreds of campaigns more than before
  • Tell your audiences a true story and increase conversion rates and lifetime value by doing so
  • Re-target your existing email database giving your CRM programme even more reach

4. Boosting CRM

Closing the 360° social acquisition loop. Marketers can boost their targeting quality and ability to acquire new profitable customers by linking their CRM database with social. They can access over a million attributes or features to find their most profitable customers and their lookalikes, and instantly put ads right in front of them.

The latest technology enables marketers to acquire, retain and grow new profitable customers through lookalikes at scale and in real-time while creating a closed 360° social advertising and acquisition loop, by automatically feeding back all of their social data directly into their CRM database and helping to grow and enrich their existing customer data.

5. Data-driven marketing

Social advertising gives marketers access to over a million attributes and features to help them identify their lookalikes at the touch of a button. Once a profitable customer segment has been identified, marketers can create, manage and deploy social ads to them at scale, helping to acquire, retain and grow new profitable customers.

Consolidate first- and third-party data so you can communicate the right message to the right people at the right time through social channels, such as Facebook. This allows you to combine your CRM data with Facebook, which helps you instantly find and acquire new customers similar to your current profitable ones, meaning acquiring new customers through social acquisition has never been easier.