Affiliate marketing networks zanox and Affiliate Window have rebranded to become Awin.

The announcement today (March 6) marks the final act of the zanox Group’s merger, which followed the acquisition of Affiliate Window by zanox in 2010, and the creation of a central executive board at zanox in 2014.

Now flying under the same flag – the “Awin Sail” – the group simplifies its image and proposition to clients as a global affiliate brand, and comes in the wake of a further recent overseas advance following Affiliate Window’s acquisition of US network ShareASale in January.

The combined force of both companies now amasses approximately 6,000 advertisers and 100,000 active publishers, which it serves across 15 global markets.

A single platform

Toting technology that clients on either of the groups’ books will be well acquainted, such as cross-device tracking, payment on influence and ‘convert-a-link’, the new global platform is available across the US, Canada, UK, Ireland and France, with all markets gaining access “within the coming months”.

As of today, the former zanox Group’s two core teams based in Berlin and London that had previously worked separately on products are now able to “focus all energy” on a single solution, according to Awin CTO, Peter Loveday.

“We are excited about harnessing the power of this team towards a single goal and the advantages this will bring to our ability to innovate,” he commented.

Loveday formed part of the management team put in place in 2014 – all ex-Affiliate Window staff – alongside COO Adam Ross and led by the UK network’s former managing director Mark Walters as CEO, who continues to helm the newly-branded Awin.

Following the reshuffle three years ago, the group continued to operate as zanox from central headquarters in Berlin, across Germany, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, the Nordics, Poland and Brazil, while operations in the UK and US continued to carry the name of Affiliate Window.

In 2016, however, the zanox AG board made the decision to unify the two networks in efforts to realise the long-term goal of creating a global performance marketing network. Walters has laid out these objectives in a 2014 interview for PerformanceIN

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