Have you been in wholehearted agreement, or on the flipside physically incensed, with an article you’ve been reading on PerformanceIN?

Whether either is the case, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve re-introduced commenting to our articles, following the complete removal of the functionality at the tail-end of last year.

Readers can now leave their two cents using Facebook Comments, a straightforward way to engage with articles without the need for yet another login, allowing conversations to be continued off-site.

The decision to cull commenting last year stemmed from a disconnect between the conversations our readers were having on social media and those had on the commenting system we previously had in place.

Comments were often sent and left unresponded to, readers encountered issues signing in, while most significantly, conversations were left isolated, unlikely to attract a wider participation.

Integrating Facebook Comments on the site means, however – at least for the next six weeks while we observe the results – that we can bridge that gap, allowing for comments left on the article to be replied to and the discussion continued on Facebook.

It’s not a big announcement, admittedly. However, we believe debate and collaboration, even if just the exchange of a few words, is an integral part of the continued push of our industry into the mainstream.

So go ahead; question the practices you read about, call someone out on their response, reach out to connect and do business, it’s up to you – or just share memes.