Accelerize and its digital marketing software division, CAKE, announced that Weach, Latin American provider of multi-channel performance solutions for advertisers and agencies, has selected CAKE’s SaaS platform to track, attribute and optimise campaigns for its clients.

The company picked it for the solution’s ability to track multiple types of affiliate campaigns, ranging from email marketing and lead generation to e-commerce and display at a very detailed level.

Weach’s CEO and founder, Marlon Nogueira, believes CAKE’s platform can handle the tracking requirements of various campaign types.

“This attention to detail helps us optimise results for our advertiser and agency clients, as well as the affiliate publishers we work with,” he added.

Weach offers a one-stop solution for advertisers interested in running performance and lead generation campaigns using email, as well as display, native, retargeting, programmatic and other types of advertising strategies. It operates its own advertising network and works with publishers and third-party demand-side platforms (DSPs) to deliver high-volume, top-quality leads and traffic for its clients. Weach is the main lead generation provider in Brazil, and the only one in Latin America able to deliver multiple performance solutions in a single platform.

“With CAKE, our staff can create, manage and track campaigns from single browser tab,” added Nogueira. “We look forward to tapping into the platform’s many features for optimising campaigns and supporting strategies for cross-selling and upselling that will make our publisher’s inventory more profitable and drive return on ad spend for our advertisers.”

According to eMarketer, Brazil’s total media ad spending is projected to increase to nearly $30 billion by 2019.

“The Latin American digital ad market is still maturing and there’s potential for immense growth,” said Santi Pierini, CAKE president and chief operating officer of Accelerize. “Companies like Weach understand that insight into campaign performance is a competitive asset that will help them take advantage of the opportunities presented by an increasingly fragmented digital advertising landscape. We are excited to partner with Weach as they continue to expand in this dynamic market.”