Accelerize and its digital marketing software division, CAKE, announced that MoreNiche, a UK-based affiliate network focused on the health market, has selected CAKE’s SaaS platform to track performance and efficiently manage its large network of partners. CAKE’s granular metrics and customisable APIs were key to MoreNiche’s decision to move from an in-house tracking solution to the SaaS model provided by CAKE.

With 15 years’ history of delivering high-quality traffic to advertisers and top-notch service and support to its affiliate partners, MoreNiche is respected across the health market, both in the UK and the US. The company had been using an in-house performance tracking solution for more than a decade but decided to migrate to CAKE’s SaaS platform because it provides best-of-breed tracking and affiliate management capabilities while also freeing MoreNiche from the need to maintain and continually upgrade its own technology.

“While our own solution included leading-edge features like multi-touch attribution, it didn’t make sense – from both a cost and resource perspective – to continue maintaining and developing tracking software in-house,” said Andrew Slack, managing director for MoreNiche. “CAKE’s powerful solution gives us everything we need to track performance, manage affiliates, test campaigns and more. Plus, it empowers our team to focus on MoreNiche’s core goals of building strong affiliate relationships and growing the business,” he added.

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Because of the close relationships MoreNiche has developed with its affiliates, the company wanted a solution that would allow it to retain the same high level of service and support that it has consistently offered to its network of partners. CAKE’s APIs give MoreNiche the ability to customise its affiliate portal, as well as automate back office tasks like payouts. Additionally, CAKE’s real-time tracking and reporting gives MoreNiche’s affiliate managers the up-to-the-minute insights they need to manage performance, direct traffic to the landing pages most likely to convert and identify new affiliate partners that they’d like to work with.

“With CAKE’s granular tracking, we can be very precise about how we funnel traffic to specific merchant landing pages, taking into account factors like specific geographic locations, the device being used and more,” commented Slack, adding the precision allows the tool ensure the right traffic is landing on the right pages and leads to an uplift in conversions for affiliates and advertisers.   

Santi Pierini, CAKE president and chief operating officer of Accelerize believes CAKE offers networks the technology solutions needed to track performance and manage affiliates, but also enables them to scale as their businesses grow.

“Now that its team no longer needs to allocate resources to the care and feeding of its in-house tracking system, MoreNiche can devote even more attention to cultivating the strong affiliate relationships that the network is known for,” he concluded.

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