CAKE, Accelerize’s digital marketing software division, made significant enhancements to its SaaS-based platform with the introduction of advanced tracking, algorithmic attribution and marketing campaign optimisation for digital marketers.

The new functionality will provide networks and digital marketers with the tools needed to effectively measure the true impact each media channel and campaign has on return on ad spend (ROAS).’s director of marketing, Aaron Rosenthal, describes CAKE as a “trusted partner and platform.”

“Our company leverages digital marketing channels including search, display email and social, and we needed a solution that would enable us to advance our tracking and attribution capabilities,” he explained, adding CAKE has provided reliable and robust solutions for’s affiliate tracking needs.

“As we continue to expand our digital marketing reach, we will also depend on CAKE for tracking and attribution across multiple online channels,” Rosenthal added.

Setting industry standards

Recognised as a precise and unbiased source of digital marketing insights, CAKE has a history of setting the industry standard for advanced tracking, attribution and optimisation of ROAS. With the upgrades to CAKE’s platform, brands, networks and publishers are armed with more actionable insights and granular data required to optimise campaigns and drive revenue.

The benefits and features that further enhance the customer journey include:


Understand the impact of digital marketing campaigns across multiple channels:

  • Best-of-breed tracking capabilities across multiple touchpoints and channels including search, social, display, affiliate, video and more.
  • Targeting based on channel and traffic source, as well as geography, device, operating systems, language and other custom rules.


Reveal insights to make intelligent, data-driven decisions that drive business impact:

  • Algorithmic attribution for predictive analytics that clearly and accurately shows marketers how to optimise campaigns.
  • Rules-driven models including first and last touch, linear, time decay and custom.


Maximise ROAS across and within digital marketing channels:

  • Identification of high-performing traffic sources, while also pinpointing top performers with data comparison and visualisation across marketing channel.
  • More reporting dimensions that provide a stronger foundation for extrapolation and recommendations.


Leverage improved scalability and core platform functionality:

  • New unified technical architecture and platform to collect and support high-traffic volumes.
  • Deeper connectivity and more flexibility with expanded, more robust API for faster and easier automation and integrations with Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook, DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM), Marketo and others.

Empowering marketers

There is no hiding digital marketing spend worldwide is growing. The rates are expected to increase from $200.8 billion in 2015 to $306 billion in 2020, as reported by Technavio. Conversely, companies continue to be generous in their investment in marketing. According to Gartner, marketing budgets continued increasing in 2016, climbing to 12% of company revenue. Having the resources to improve their strategy, marketers have the power to optimise their campaigns.

Dave Stewart, Chief Technology Officer of CAKE by Accelerize believes CAKE’s goal is to empower marketers with a deep understanding of the performance of their advertising choices as well as provide them with the ability to act upon these insights.

“We’ve built an industry-leading technology that not only gathers granular information about the customer path to conversion, but also leverages data science and machine learning to optimise the marketing mix and automatically understand how to shift spend to maximise ROAS,” he explained.

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