Sponsored by Affiliate Future, the Performance Marketing Awards’ Industry Rising Star category shines the spotlight on the next generation of marketers entering the industry of results-driven advertising.

Recognising a mixture of natural talent, working ethic, enthusiasm, and the early showings of a prosperous career, it’s a highly sought-after category, so with nominations open until April 7, PerformanceIN’s Rising Star Series is a chance to meet the candidates up close. 

Today, we’re speaking to vouchercloud account manager, Jessica Brown.

What excites you most about the performance marketing industry?

Jessica Brown: You only have to take a glance at last year’s winning PMA entries, to see how fast digital innovation is taking over the world and who wouldn’t want to be a part of that!

Love or hate your job, nothing excites people in our industry than a particularly innovative and highly successful campaign, something that gives your brand the edge over key competitors and hasn’t been done by anyone before… ever. And when you are part of that process from start to finish, it really is exciting to see the work you have put in achieve new heights.

So I guess really it comes down to the fast paced, reactiveness of the performance marketing industry that excites me the most. There could be an overnight trending topic that has gone viral and within an hour of being in the office, I have already sent out tier one proposals to capitalise on what broke the internet on that particular day. The annual industry and networking events aren’t bad either.

Within your performance marketing career to date, what do you count as your biggest achievement, and why?

JB: Before I started in digital and from what I’d heard others saying – I had pictured a mix of Madmen and The Devil Wears Prada, and my experience so far has led me to believe that my initial picture wasn’t too far off!

There’s only so much preparation that university can provide and it’s really down to my challenging internship at Teradata (now mapp) that I ended up where I am now. Since then, as an account executive, I was fortunate to work on vouchercloud’s top 10 accounts and gained invaluable experience from great role models within the business. From this came my biggest achievement to date; progressing to account manager within one year of graduating. Not forgetting some awesome people that my job has enabled me to get to know, who share a similar devotion to digital.

What would winning Industry Rising Star mean to you?

JB: First of all – I like winning. Who doesn’t!? But on a more serious note, it would support everything I’ve been doing since I chose performance marketing as a career path. Being rewarded for the hours that a digital marketer puts in (a job that takes over your life – literally!) being recognised for it among a host of strong candidates and in a room full of likeminded professionals would be a defining moment.

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