Sponsored by Affiliate Future, the Performance Marketing Awards’ Industry Rising Star category shines the spotlight on the next generation of marketers entering the industry of results-driven advertising.

Recognising a mixture of natural talent, working ethic, enthusiasm, and the early showings of a prosperous career, it’s a highly sought-after category, so with nominations open until April 7, PerformanceIN’s Rising Star Series is a chance to meet the candidates in more detail.

Today, we’re speaking to NMPi campaign manager, Anna Jorysz.

What excites you most about the performance marketing industry?

Anna Jorysz: One of the challenges of working in the performance space can be the perception that the scope of what we are able to do is limited by the commission we need to earn. Yet it is precisely this “limitation” that can drive the greatest innovation. I am privileged to work on a team that is always looking out for opportunities to push the boundaries of conventional performance marketing and to be able to offer ever more services at no risk to our clients.

The results have been incredible. Since I joined NMPi two years ago, our performance offering has grown from affiliate search to full-funnel, cross-channel campaigns. For many of our clients we are their sole search and display partner, and we are able to offer a full agency service on a pure performance model. 

The resourcefulness and creativity I witness around me every day is inspiring and, yes, exciting. 

Within your performance marketing career to date, what do you count as your biggest achievement, and why?

AJ: My biggest achievement has to be the growth of NMPi’s performance display proposition. Over the past six months, I have driven a 44% increase in revenue, overseeing the onboarding of new clients, maximising the performance of existing campaigns and expanding our service offering.

I have loved the opportunity to use a wide variety of my skills and prior experience to achieve this. I used my technical experience of website design to get our dynamic proposition off the ground, launching a standard retail template alongside bespoke creative design services for our larger clients. My search background gave me new perspectives: I pioneered closer integration between our search and display campaigns, which included launching search retargeting.

But what I am most proud of is having transformed our approach to programmatic. Never have we been more granular and data-driven, and these values are translating into fantastic results for us and for our clients.

What would winning Industry Rising Star mean to you?

AJ: It goes without saying that I would be thrilled to win the award – it is hard to beat as a recognition of my hard work and commitment. It is an honour simply to have been nominated.

However, were I to win, I would like to be able to set it in a greater context. I couldn’t have achieved what I have without a great deal of trust having been placed in me, without having been given the freedom to try new things, without knowing that my ideas would always be listened to and my opinions valued. To win this award would be to repay that trust, to justify that freedom and to reward a culture that gives everyone a voice.

Above all, it would mean that everyone, whether they are a well known face or sit behind the scenes, can make a difference – to their company and to the industry

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