Sponsored by Affiliate Future, the Performance Marketing Awards’ Industry Rising Star category shines the spotlight on the next generation of marketers entering the industry of results-driven advertising.

Recognising a mixture of natural talent, working ethic, enthusiasm, and the early showings of a prosperous career, it’s a highly sought-after category, so with nominations open until April 7, PerformanceIN’s Rising Star Series is a chance to meet the candidates in more detail.

Today, we’re speaking to Tech Essence account manager, Joe Brown.

What excites you most about the performance marketing industry?

Joe Ward: Personally I find that there are a lot of exciting factors within the performance marketing industry. I find that the ever-changing targets drive me and provide motivation to constantly strive to achieve better results for clients, as with any campaign there is always room for improvement. The industry also offers fresh perspectives on trends and advancements in which you need to keep on top of to be ahead of the crown.

I am enabled to be in the forefront for learning and understanding advertising technological advancements, and how to implement and innovate the advancements into my work to generate amazing results for clients.

The depth of information I have access to and how I am constantly adapting my thought process to achieve results is exciting. Especially when paired with the fact that I get to work with clients such as Amazon, Dennis Publishing and Hastings Direct.

Within your performance marketing career to date, what do you count as your biggest achievement, and why?

JW: The biggest achievement I have under my performance marketing belt is the fact that I had only three week’s experience as an account exec working for Tech Essence, before getting handed £100,000 media budget to spend on behalf of one of our biggest clients. Admittedly at the start, I was somewhat shaken at the gravity of the potential consequences that my planning and buying decisions could reap. But after a lot of research, planning, analytical insights and building meaningful business relationships, I managed to increase the overall Return On Investment by 100% when compared to the previous media agency who managed the budget.

What would winning Industry Rising Star mean to you?

JW: Winning the Industry Rising Star Award would be something that I would never forget. It would give a warranted testimony to the power of the tech and career support I have at my disposal working at Tech Essence.

It also proves that anyone, with any experience, from any background and any level of education, can be successful and achieve something meaningful from their chosen career path just by working hard. I feel there is a some what of a stigmatism around where you come from, who you know and where you studied.

Myself winning this award would prove that could not be further from the truth.

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