Sponsored by Affiliate Future, the Performance Marketing Awards’ Industry Rising Star category shines the spotlight on the next generation of marketers entering the industry of results-driven advertising.

Recognising a mixture of natural talent, working ethic, enthusiasm, and the early showings of a prosperous career, it’s a highly sought-after category, so with nominations open until April 7, PerformanceIN’s Rising Star Series is a chance to meet the candidates in more detail.

Today, we’re speaking to Tesco Plc marketing manager -SEO, Alina Ghost.

What excites you most about the performance marketing industry?

Alina Ghost: Undeniably, data sits at the heart of our industry. I like that we can test and learn through our activity, by which we can improve where we are lacking and celebrate when success is verified. But, data doesn’t only help us deep-dive into developments for future opportunities; it also allows for segmentation of our customer. Grouping similar people means we’re able to personalise what we do to make the experience easier and friendlier. In a nutshell, data allows me to be more proactive, efficient and most importantly – helpful.

Within your performance marketing career to date, what do you count as your biggest achievement, and why?

AG: For Christmas 2016 I put together a business recommendation for the company’s first ever SEO-driven proposition. I used data to prove the opportunity available and worked collaboratively to nurse the idea and content creation through various teams and processes, both of which are numerous in a large retail business such as Tesco. Overall, it was a pleasure to work with enthusiastic people and a learning curve when ironing out ways of working. It was an especially rewarding experience to see the project completed after nurturing the ideation. I’m afraid I can’t share the final figures achieved, but I assure you it was a substantial amount that would otherwise have been missed.

What would winning Industry Rising Star mean to you?

AG: Firstly, I am already grateful that I’ve been nominated for the Industry Rising Star award by a colleague who has seen my hard work and potential. It has come as an uplifting surprise and a great start to 2017. I would, therefore, like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to my colleagues for their constant support. An even bigger appreciation goes to my three managers throughout my career, who have taught me everything they knew and stood by me, encouraging me, even during the craziest ideas, like a Christmas tree made out of carpet cut-offs… So although I have more to learn, I believe that by winning the Industry Rising Star award I would do justice to those who spent time with me and believed in me year after year.

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