Global music and audio platform SoundCloud has expanded its partnership with tech provider Triton Digital to monetise audio content on its streaming platform more efficiently.

Selected by SoundCloud for selling its inventory in the US, Triton’s programmatic audio ad exchange a2x is the industry’s first audience-based buying solution for online and mobile digital audio ads. According to Triton, it benefits buyers by making the process much more targeted.

SoundCloud’s head of brand partnerships for North America, Peter Diamond, said he was excited about the expansion of their partnership with the solution provider; “Triton’s technology makes it easy for advertisers in the US to access prime SoundCloud ad inventory in an automated fashion to connect with our unique, highly-engaged audience.”

A fast-growing market

Up until recently, programmatic audio ad buying was somewhat experimental, with Triton Digital’s a2x in 2013 claiming to be one of the first on the market. Since then, it has become one of the fastest-growing spaces in programmatic advertising, with companies such as AppNexus and The Trade Desk striking similar deals with Spotify in other territories.  

The company’s president of market development, John Rosso, believes audio is becoming “an essential component of advertising strategies” because it provides a “meaningful” way to connect with audiences. For example, brands are able to reach consumers reach mobile users where visual media can’t, such as when walking, driving, working or exercising.

Partnering with SoundCloud is an opportunity to expand Triton’s offering in the North America region while growing its portfolio of clients which already includes Spotify, Pandora and iHeartRadio.

“We are pleased to expand our support of SoundCloud’s global advertising strategy by adding its US audience to the exchange,” Rosso commented.