AppsFlyer – a mobile analytics firms specialising in insights from app installs – has taken $56 million in series C funding, which it plans to funnel towards further expansion in Asia.

The joint investment comes from Qumra Capital, Goldman Sachs Private Capital Investing, Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners and Pitango Growth, hiking the group’s total funding to date to $84 million.

While AppsFlyer may not often steal headlines in the wider digital marketing sphere, the group enjoys quiet ubiquity in its in-app ad attribution tech. This, it claims, can be found in 98% of the world’s smartphones, allowing marketers to track campaign performance, improve audience targeting, and optimise investment return.

The mobile continent

With over 10,000 clients serviced across 12 global offices – including the likes of Facebook, Google, Twitter, Snap Inc, Alibaba and Kayak – AppsFlyer has set current crosshairs on building out its Asian offering, following findings of its own that the market’s consumers spend 40% more on in-app purchases than global users. 

“Gaming, travel and e-commerce are driving growth in the mobile ecosystem in Asia. It is no more a question of whether people will go mobile, it is when those who have missed the bus will catch up,” commented Sanjay Trisal, country manager at AppsFlyer.

Asians also represent the biggest spenders on in-app gaming purchases, shelling out as much as 75% more than the average global consumer, and the market comes with the added benefit of lower implementation costs compared to that of Europe or the United States.

According to AppsFlyer, China will be of key focus, where the company will leverage existing partnerships with clients such as Tencent and Baidu to explore that market further. Along with boosting its staff count and further office openings, there are suggestions that mergers may follow in the near future.