Done right, content marketing is a powerful brand awareness building tool which can engage audiences and drive a brand’s goal. Although content production is growing, there are still issues with setting ROI goals around it.

The challenge is that content isn’t easy to measure; focusing on individual pieces risks ‘short-term thinking’, and giving up if there is not immediate ROI. Instead of trying to measure success straight away, it’s key to define what it means to the brand – and this is where a strong content strategy comes in.

Moderated by Julius Duncan (Remarkable Content), this panel brings together Kevin Gibbons (Blueglass), Emma Geary (Factory Media), Clare Jonik (Future Plc) and Stephen Kenwright (Branded3), to discuss how content can be measured, and includes plenty of expert tips on building a solid strategy in order to prove its worth.

Watch for:

What to focus on instead of hard metrics
The biggest content challenge for publishers
Defining a successful content marketing strategy