Search engines like Google and Bing have already benefited from a large range of paid-for options available to brands. Elements of their sites have been altered as a result, but it’s beneath the surface where some of the biggest opportunities lie.

Recent events have seen marketers increase their use of advanced, algorithm-based technology to build, manage and scale paid search campaigns. At PMI, Genie Goals’ director of strategy, Luca Senatore, offered the lowdown on what does and doesn’t work.

Leveraging automation and personalisation created simple yet powerful improvements for Genie Goals, and with the aid of his virtual friend ‘Mario’, Senatore shared strategic advice and case studies to help others towards the same feats – all of which you can watch again now

Watch for: 

A lesson on maximising paid search budgets
Five areas to consider in your PPC strategy
The importance of working for marginal gains