Pitting their cases against one another, two Affiliate Window team leaders, Robert Davinson and Jessica Thomas, went head to head at PMI London on the topic of affiliate marketing and content publishers.

The question – handed over to the audience for a final vote – was whether editorial publishers can “thrive” in today’s affiliate marketing environment. On the one hand, Davinson claims they can, thanks to a number of benefits which amount to many receiving higher commission rates than their incentive-based counterparts.   

On the other, Thomas believes the affiliate channel isn’t yet giving these publishers its full support, citing barriers to entry, payment issues and merchant confusion to back up her case.  

If you’re interested to see who won the audience over, view above to see them casting their vote. 

Watch for:

  • Insight into content affiliate monetisation
  • A two-sided perspective - the affiliate opportunity for publishers
  • The final verdict, as represented by the PMI audience