Data-driven tech firm Ve Interactive has announced the launch of a demand-side platform catering for the delivery of programmatic video.

The announcement follows September’s €5.13 million acquisition of Optomaton, a company with interests across all aspects of programmatic, although Ve clearly had eyes on its video capabilities.  

The new product has been rolled out in efforts to out to stay on top of its clients’ demands. According to eMarketer, 60% of digital video ad spend in the US, where Ve has three offices, is expected to be transacted via programmatic channels by the year end.

Targeted video

Ve’s upper hand in the video ad-tech race comes with its specialty in intent data, which gives its 10,000-strong client base the ability to inform and build more targeted audience segments for their creative.

The goal will be on delivering personalised video content based on relevant touchpoints in the path to purchase.

“Video is a powerful top of the funnel medium. It is very effective in shortening the path to purchase and improving the effectiveness of other promotional activities,” said Josh Mortensen, formerly of Optomaton, who has now been made Ve’s director of programmatic media.

“Given the fierce competition for attention with today’s consumer, our hybrid approach of data, expertise and technology will enable Ve clients to move clear of competitors in this highly promising video market.”