‘Tis the season for holiday shopping and, as trends go, mobile commerce sales are expected to increase by more than 43% by the end of 2016.

As premium publishers know, it’s critical to their digital brand to source incremental revenue opportunities. There are a number of ways publishers are doing this, including unlocking revenue by linking product mentions within their existing content—as well as additional methods discussed below! 

Don’t forget: No matter who your target audience is, all of these tips can be adapted to fit your unique content.

Be aware of shipping deadlines

Shipping deadlines to receive merchandise before Christmas vary from merchant to merchant, thus it’s important for publishers to incorporate these deadlines into their content. Posting an article with 10 great last minute gifts and linking to a merchant that is no longer guaranteeing delivery before Christmas results in a horrible and frustrating user experience for your readers. 

Mindfulness of deadlines, besides being considerate of your readership, provides other strategic advantages. It creates a sense of urgency in their reader when they realise they only have so many days to get a product before it’s too late. They’re much less likely to continue elsewhere on their search, thus increasing likelihood of conversion. In addition to fostering a sense of urgency in readers, deadline-consciousness also boosts the credibility of the publisher. It shows that a publisher has gone the extra mile to provide readers with the information they need to make a well-informed decision. This creates brand loyalty, which should always be top of mind.  

Also, telling readers up front when something ships for free, when applicable, is always a sure way to improve click-through rate and engagement! 

Include promotions in your content

Readers are far more likely to make a purchase if there is a sale or promotion going on at the brand a publisher is linking to. In a recent eMarketer study it was reported that “44% of respondents said that receiving promotional offerings also influenced their shopping behaviour.” Publishers should include promos in their content, including coupon codes when available. Similar to incorporating shipping deadlines into content, including promotions demonstrates to readers that a publisher has gone above and beyond to collect and curate these details, promoting a positive user experience. In addition, readers are far less likely to search for a coupon, which often then distributes credit of the sale elsewhere. Besides, who doesn’t love a great deal?

Create gift guides

Gift guides are a great way to boost earnings around the holiday season. They spark high levels of engagement and are easily sharable for both readers and publishers themselves. There are a few things that every publisher should keep in mind when creating a gift guide. First, and perhaps most importantly, there should be a story that goes along with every product. Don’t create a guide that simply has a number next to an image, and a corresponding number with a product name. In your description of a product, tell the story about why this specific product made the cut for your gift guide. Your readers are coming to your site for a reason: they think of you as a top authority in the space. 

Additionally, be sure to incorporate more than just the product name in the description. It’s always good to tell the reader the price, any promotion that is going on for the brand, shipping deadlines, etc. The more information provided to readers, the better. Also do not forget to link to the products… and affiliate the link! 

Step up your social game

By sharing posts on as many outlets as possible, publishers can maximise their earnings from a single piece of content. Each social media platform requires a different type of post. On Twitter, you only have so many characters so be sure to get to the point and make every letter count. On Pinterest, it’s much less about the words you use than the photos you use. Customise a post for each outlet in order to really harness the power of these influential platforms. Remember platforms such as Twitter and Pinterest allow affiliate links, making them top priority when sharing content as you can easily prove the ROI of posting to them.

By utilising these five tips, you’re well on your way to making this your most profitable Holiday Season yet! As a publisher, making it a priority to create meaningful content will go a long way with readers. Retain your audience by creating content that resonates with them, and they can’t find anywhere else. By developing a unique voice while simultaneously employing monetisation best practices, publishers can improve their readers’ experience while increasing revenue.