As well as being a tech entrepreneur, investor and founder of performance agency Net Media Planet, Sri Sharma can add a scholarship at NASA’s Singularity University to his already impressive list of accomplishments.

Getting a grip on “how the world is changing and why” formed the main motivation for his decision to head over to Silicon Valley for learnings into disruptive technology. The journey also laid a foundation for his PMI: London keynote, “Exponential Technologies and Their Meaning for a Digital World”, which was met with great acclaim.

It was here that Sharma revealed predictions for a not-so-distant future, shaped by advancements into AI, robotics, genetics and nanotechnology, which carve the direction for a world already portended by on-shelf products such as Amazon Echo and Google Home.

PerformanceIN caught up with Sharma straight after his talk, where we discussed the future of marketing, his time in California and what’s next on his hit list.