Data-driven marketing tech company RadiumOne has launched Creative Solutions, a new division to produce and manage creative quality of ads served programmatically.

The aim is to ensure fewer ads going through RadiumOne will be rejected by ad exchanges, and will appear “correctly” in whatever environment they’re delivered to by paying more mind to the mechanics of how creative is assessed.  

The division will work with all existing display forms, including mobile, video and native – among ‘experiments’ with emerging formats – with a focus on creative enhancement and improved user experience.

Leading this new division is the company’s head of strategic solutions, Emma Hazlehurst, who believes more needs to be done to create a link between those creating ads and those responsible for delivering them using the automated buying method.

“Making the end user experience as engaging as possible whilst ensuring your creative isn’t rejected by exchanges involves experience and skill because not all exchanges have the same specs,” she explained.  

“It often involves rigorous testing to ensure creatives appear correctly in each environment.”

Creating trends

Since it took to play one of the biggest parts of the performance marketing scene, programmatic has gained both fans and critics in equal measure. As it stands, a study by the IAB and PwC last year found that 60% of banner and video ads were bought programmatically last year, accounting for £1.6 billion.

Initial concerns among many that programmatic would spell the end of creativity in display advertising are slowly fading.

Hazlehurst highlights the goal of her new division is to better understand what ads resonate with their audiences, but also to make the process of pushing ads out more “efficient and effective” for advertisers.

“As a data-driven business our focus is to create trends not follow them. We’re actively looking at new opportunities and solutions that will help us innovate in the world of programmatic creative,” she concluded.