With March bringing a new helmsman in former sales and marketing director Luke Judge, NMPi could call 2016 a transitional year. To that you could also add the agency’s recent launch of a bespoke analytics service, catering for web measurement, tag management, attribution and consultancy.

With performance marketing remaining at its core, however, NMPi continues to be a key supporter of the industry’s leading conference series. This year, Performance Marketing Insights is proud to announce the group as a partner of its London event between October 25-26. 

Ahead of the date, we caught up with the group’s head of partnerships, Andrew Turner.

Why was it important for NMPi to sponsor Performance Marketing Insights: London this year?

Andrew Turner: The PMI: London conference is an important date in the NMPi event calendar. It’s a unique opportunity to promote our latest services and network with a truly relevant audience. Over the two-day show we can guarantee that we will meet the key partners within the industry, allowing us to foster and grow our existing relationships, and meet potential partners along the way.

What’s changed for the company since we last saw you in London?

AT: It’s been a great year at NMPi with lots of exciting news: we’ve expanded our performance product set to include Google Shopping, we launched our analytics service and continue to expand our international offering and capabilities. We’re now up to 70 people in our London office, and expect even more news from us before the year is out!

How would you describe NMPi’s position in the world of performance marketing?  

AT: NMPi provides market leading paid search, programmatic display and paid social campaigns. In the world of performance marketing, we track this activity via an advertiser’s affiliate programme and are remunerated on a cost-per-acquisition model. We consider ourselves quite unique, which is reflected in our product range and capability to provide an agency service on a CPA model.

As a leader in performance marketing solutions, what developments and challenges have this sector’s members been witness to within the last year?

AT: We’ve certainly seen a trend in the number of clients embracing non-traditional publishers like ourselves and other media buyers and tech providers. Advertisers are increasingly viewing the affiliate channel as a way of tracking, managing and deduping performance partners, which we hope will see the channel continue to grow and prosper.

What’s the advantage of attending PMI for agencies like yourselves?

AT: We attend every year as we see tremendous value from meeting and networking with partners that we do not have the opportunity to see on a regular basis. We leave the show with a host of opportunities to expand with both new and existing partners, which justifies the time and investment we put into the show.

Are there any particular sessions you think are vital to sit in on this year?

AT: We’re particularly excited by the keynote on day one from our founder and former CEO Sri Sharma. Having recently returned from a 10-week programme at Singularity University at NASA’s base in Sillicon Valley, Sri’s going to be sharing his thoughts and insights on exponential technologies. 

Any parting words before we see you in October?  

AT: NMPi is looking forward to another great show by PMI and be sure to pop by our stand for a catch up.

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