Welcome to the new PerformanceIN website, a reimagined home for all news and opinion anchored to the fast-moving performance marketing industry.

Responding to rapid growth in mobile traffic, the redesign places emphasis on ease of navigation and efficiency, and renewed prominence to our partner content. The site will be continually honed over the coming months as we respond to your feedback.

Simple, readable

In one of the main additions, a simplified navigation bar makes it easy to flit between news, features resources and the Profile Hub. We’ve also reserved a spot for the PMI conference series and PerformanceIN’s ever-popular Performance Marketing Awards, both of which are intrinsically linked to the editorial of this site.

A single submenu, meanwhile, allows readers to find the content most relevant to them.

To achieve this, we’ve categorised performance marketing into five distinct groups; Affiliate Marketing, Lead Generation, Biddable Media, Display Advertising and Data-Driven Marketing, while a panelled homepage provides a stream of updates across the board.

This negates the risk of content being hidden, while newly released supplements, videos and podcasts can be added to our editor’s highlights on the homepage and within article sidebars. For fine-tuned navigation, an ‘All Sections’ tab provides a comprehensive tree of PerformanceIN’s content.

“We’ve taken the opportunity with the re-design to place real focus on the key trends driving performance marketing today,” explains Matthew Wood, director at PerformanceIN.

“Whilst our heritage pivots on affiliate marketing and lead generation, there are many other areas of performance, like programmatic or biddable media, which work on a similar model.  

“The editorial team will be placing greater emphasis on data-driven marketing uncovering insight, trends and strategies for both publishers and brands,” he added.

Undergoing A/B testing, in-article design itself has been orchestrated around readability. Use of font parameters, line-spacing, whitespace and image placement takes heed of Ogilvy-led research to channel the eye down the text and encourage page dwell-time. Furthermore, each of our authors, including industry contributors, are given better recognition at the head of each article.

Fast, efficient

On the technical side, PerformanceIN is undergoing optimisation for page-loading and cross-device user experience. Responsive techniques such as ‘srcset’, CSS text scaling, and lazy-loading have been implemented with the goal of improving the website’s speed.

In coordination with the new website’s rollout, the coming months will also see our distribution channels streamlined with Google Accelerated Mobile Pages and Facebook Articles, allowing readers to access content more easily, especially when relying on mobile data.

This is a first-phase launch; PerformanceIN’s development will be a continuous process as we monitor initial performance. Key to this, however, is user feedback, as we want to ensure PerformanceIN is built around its audience.

With that in mind, please report any bugs you encounter and share your feedback and criticism – whether positive or negative – within the chat box in the corner of the page.

Overall, we hope you enjoy the new site.