The company was created by combining BlueHornet Networks and the digital marketing apps business once owned by Teradata, which was bought in July of this year.

It will help marketers optimise their messaging across social, email, apps and various forms of online marketing, while leveraging its underlying data management platform to improve targeting capabilities.  

It’s safe to say there is some big talk from the outset – the release heralding the formation of “one of the the world’s largest independent digital marketing technology companies”.

Supporting evidence comes in the form of the 3,000 customers worldwide, including top global brands like Puma, KFC and Lloyds Banking Group, while the San Diego-based outfit has a truly global presence courtesy of additional operations in the Philippines, Munich, Paris and London, among other European areas.  

Making it simple

As highlighted by Mapp’s CEO, Michael Biwer, the company’s key focus is on providing marketers with “design-driven technology” to reach their goals.

Mapp’s SVP of strategy, Thomas Goldstein, adds that bringing an air of simplicity to a confusing ad tech landscape is another mission for the firm in its infancy.

“Mapp is dedicated to delivering the latest purpose-driven technology via user interfaces that make the hard things simple,” he explained, adding that the company’s success is about enabling customers to “focus on what really matters” instead of getting “stuck in the weeds”.

The company has big plans and aims to answer the calls for improvements in the industry, such as developing predictive analytics and strategic reporting.

“We’re already working on plans to unify our technology into a comprehensive customer engagement platform that will enable our B2B and B2C clients to get to know their customers better over time, from their first contact to loyalty program participation,” explained Biwer.

Mapp is headed up by Biwer and a number of ex-Teradata employees, namely Mark Ash (Mapp’s UK general manager & SVP of interactive services) and Rolf Anweiler (SVP of marketing), with BlueHornet’s Claire Long (CFO) and Ulf Poelke (SVP of product) also making the move over.