The EMEA MD for one of programmatic’s key players says that criticism volleyed at automated ad-buying is justified given the expectations from both investors and consumers. 

Responding to PerformanceIN regarding some of the concerns attached to programmatic advertising  - namely fraud and transparency – AdRoll’s Marius Smyth claimed he ‘didn’t think’ people had a right to hold back on some of their opinions regarding its teething issues. 

“You have demand coming from advertisers who are looking for tech companies like ourselves to allow them to target customers better and allow the ads to be relevant. On the other side you have customers demanding better creativity, more relevancy, so the demands are coming from both sides in terms of the tech itself and I don’t think it’s [the criticism] unjustified.”

Marius also offered a state of play for programmatic in 2016 as well as tips on strong-performing markets based on his own group’s analysis.

You can view our full conversation with Smyth below.