Content marketing is old news, but incorporating influencers into affiliate marketing strategies has become a hot topic.

Brands and agencies are often seen working with ambassadors to maximise awareness of their campaigns, because they know consumers trust those they can relate to. That’s not to mention the decline of ‘traditional’ formats as a result of ad blockers and the ongoing effects of‘ banner blindness’.

A recent study by Twitter and analytics firm Annalect found that that 40% of consumers have purchased products online after seeing them used by an influencer on social media. Meanwhile, such recommendations are reported to drive nearly a quarter (26%) of European e-commerce, as discovered in a study by McKinsey.

According to CJ by Conversant’s Tomas Saulsbury-Hunter, the scale of certain influencers’ audiences can equate to huge conversions, and as such, a carefully curated network of bloggers, vloggers and other digital hotshots can present itself as a ‘marketing goldmine.’

In the full interview below, Tomas sheds some light on how to introduce influencers into your affiliate marketing strategy, how to maximise their impact, and the current trends CJ Affiliate is noticing in the area of influencer marketing.