Programmatic marketplace continues to boom, new study on global automated trade market suggests.

Following a strong start to 2016, which saw a 217% boost in global media auction volume year on year, the numbers just keep growing. According to the research, the trading volumes have increased by 151% year on year in Q2, both globally and across Europe. 

As discovered in the Programmatic Market Pulse study launched by Accordant Media, the trend has brought more transparency to the space, further increasing viewability and causing a decline in non-human traffic (NHT).

Growing market

Keeping its top spot in the ranking, the United Kingdom accounted for 17% of the EMEA programmatic ecosystem in Q2, with a lift of 21% quarter over quarter. It was followed by Germany (10%), Turkey (9%), France (8%) and Italy (8%).

The fastest-growing country for real-time bidding (RTB) market share in the last quarter turned out to be Germany, rising by 22% and swapping places on the leaderboard with France.

The investigation into the state of play in the second quarter has also revealed the relationship between digital advertising and offline sales, highlighting that alongside a rise in RTB media volumes, there was also a 55% increase in offline sales and 35% lift in sales among buyers exposed to online ads.    

More transparency

With the bar set high in Q1, the space has experienced a remarkable increase in viewability rates, which in the second quarter improved by 31% on the previous year.

Simultaneously, bot traffic has fallen 5% in comparison to Q1 and 59% compared to last year.

“Q2 has maintained the impressive programmatic momentum from the previous quarter,” said Arthur Muldoon, Accordant Media’s CEO and co-founder, adding the progress in the fight against NTH traffic and viewability threats is “very encouraging to see”.