Berlin-based mobile ad tech specialist Glispa has launched Voltu, a performance-led social influencer network for the purpose of mobile acquisition across emerging markets.

Glispa claims Voltu enables advertisers to tap into a global bank of thousands of influential content writers in order to drive app installs, brand awareness and engagement – so far the group claims over 30,000 influencers on its network, with over 3,500 apps signed up for promotion.

Influencers can use the self-service Voltu dashboard to access publishers that suit their content, personality and followers, and receive automatic payment for the posts they create.

According to the announcement, Voltu considers influencers with a reach “anywhere from 10,000 to millions of followers” to apply to run campaigns on its network, so your 500 Instagram followers probably won’t be enough to steal you a gig.

The new-to-market network claims to be set apart from its competitors by a strong focus on performance, an element that can be hard to pin down when looking at the fruits of a blogger’s labours, utilising effective partnerships with “any number” of local publishers.

“We offer our advertising clients a hyper-native solution, leveraging trusted authorities in their topic areas, such as gaming, to drive high-value user acquisition and brand awareness at scale,” according to the Voltu’s commercial director and creator.

‘Explosive markets’

The types of outlets accessible to those using the Voltu dashboard notably go beyond the US, into the “explosive growth” emerging markets, tapping into publishers such as Korea’s AfreecaTV, China’s Douyu, Russia’s VK and Japan’s NicoNico.

Glispa CEO, Gary Lin, commented: “Glispa Global Group is employing over eight years of ‘performance DNA’, proprietary technology and unprecedented global reach to make this incredibly valuable delivery method viable for all marketers.”

Launched in beta on Tuesday (August 2), early trials of the network have seen viewing figures of up to 1.3 million across four influencers within three days, earning a cost-per-view of $0.03, and 25,000 registered leads, at a cost of $2.15 each.