PerformanceIN readers looking to brush up on their industry knowledge will be pleased to hear that this year’s Performance Marketing Guide will be published on Thursday (July 28) and free to download for all account holders.

Our state of play for 2016 comprises sections on all of the key performance channels, including affiliate marketing, programmatic, paid search and more, inside over 100 pages of expertly crafted content.

This year’s resource is kindly sponsored by Affiliate Window, which has lent its expertise to the mobile section.

Anthony Clements, country manager for UK at the network, lauds the supplement as “one of the best knowledge resources” for performance-based advertising, particularly given the need for professionals to develop a “multi-channel” mindset. 

“Campaigns are more closely integrated across marketing channels than ever before, and that means a working knowledge outside of your own channel is crucial. This is true whether you work for an advertiser, publisher, agency or marketing technology provider,” he continued.

“I challenge anybody to read a few sections from the guide and not take something away they weren’t aware of before.”

New for this year

The Guide is in its fifth year and much has changed since the first copy hit this very site.

Early outings made room for sections on performance mainstays like affiliate marketing and organic search. This year brings a nod to current trends, with automation being prevalent throughout, while our contributors have brought a fresh slant to subjects like incentivisation and social media.

Among the new sections for this year are programmatic advertising, proximity and content marketing and online to offline. Paired with entries from leaders in other channels, the result is a free supplement that offers a state of play into measurable marketing disciplines.

On this point, Clements adds: “We are a company focused on one discipline – affiliate marketing. But we encourage all our staff to gain knowledge outside of our channel. It helps to plan and deploy integrated campaigns, be more innovative and have a better understanding of an advertiser’s general marketing strategy. 

“It makes the guide a key internal resource for us, and something that we are always pleased to be a part of.”

To get your hands on the Guide as soon as it launches, click here

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