In a world where advertisers can take for granted the ability to have their every demand met under one agency’s roof, it’s no longer sufficient for marketing channels to be treated separately.

In fact, the spectrum of tools available to a performance marketer now exist symbiotically; one channel’s technology, or another’s insights, are transferrable to the benefit of another.  

For full service agency Equator’s head of affiliate, Sean Mahon, this concept resonates as one vital for competing in today’s online ad ecosystem: “We’re in the position now where we can no longer get by with existing in isolation in our own little siloes.

“At the end of the day, our clients want results, have key objectives, and don’t have the time to go into that granular level of detail.”

In the video below, PerformanceIN catches up with Sean Mahon at Performance Marketing Insights: Europe, along with Equator’s head of display, Emma Blair, to talk the present state of affiliate integration, and the trends that have led it to become vital to survive in today’s digital marketing landscape.