Making the headlines…

Snapchat To Show Ads Between Friends’ Stories

Snapchat will now place video advertisements between stories users receive from their friends. Read on.

Microsoft Creates its Own Social Marketplace with LinkedIn Acquisition

Microsoft signed its largest ever cheque this week, acquiring the professional networking platform LinkedIn for $26.2 billion. Read on.

Germany Catching Up on European Rivals with 45% Rise in Programmatic Spend

Programmatic spend in Germany is set to take a 45% swell this year, as automated methods of pricing and placing display ads continue their upward trajectory. Read on.

Facebook Ads Will Track Where, What and When Shoppers Buy Offline

Facebook is combining its online data with GPS tracking to find out how many of its ads result in bricks-and-mortar conversions. Read on.

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In the spotlight…

Matt Bailey, FusePump

“I’m sure that people who’ve been around for as long as me all have horror stories about what used to happen in the ‘good old days’”. Read on.

Creating a buzz…

Yes, Linear TV Really Is an Optimised Marketing Channel

TVSquared’s Kevin O’Reilly talks about how big data and analytics have created the option for TV to be an optimised marketing channel. Read on.

Why is Everyone Talking About Programmatic Creativity?

Joseph Vito Deluca from Yieldr explains what programmatic creativity is and why it’s important. Read on.

The numbers…

106 million

Number of monthly active users on LinkedIn. Read on.

$8.2 billion

The amount ad fraud costs Impact Radius’s domestic US market. Read on.


The percentage of display inventory traded via programmatic in the UK. Read on.

In pictures…

Travel recommendation sites experienced a 98.94% decrease in referrals from paid search and 98.19% in display ads between 2015 and 2016. Read on.