Most of the 36% of Polish web users that have an ad blocker installed do so because they are frustrated with the current volume of inventory, MEC Wavemaker has found.

With ad-blocker usage stepping up around the world, those in Poland are irritated with big ads and banners interrupting their online experience and significantly slowing down the load time of their sites.

That’s according to research conducted on 1000 users in April 2016 by MEC Wavemaker, a content marketing part of media planning agency MEC.

There is plenty in the report to suggest that ads are having an adverse affect through bombarding users during their journeys around the web. Interestingly, the report also showed that privacy issues tend to have little influence on their decisions to install an ad blocker.

Fed up

In Poland, ad blockers are mostly used by men (53%) and the younger groups of those up to 24 years-old (28%) and aged between 25-34 (31%). It’s generally not common to block ads on mobile and only 19% do. The rates are, however, much higher for desktop (30%).

As revealed by MEC, only 9% of users block ads to have more privacy online, whereas an overwhelming majority (74%) admitted they are fed up with ads covering their content.

Just over half (55%) use blockers because ads prevent them from seeing sites and a big chunk of those surveyed (44%) claim to be impatient when they cause websites to load slowly.

A small percentage of the participants (15%) are driven by a lack of interest in the advertised products. However, online advertising is not completely lost on Polish users.

According to the study, on average every second respondent whitelists pages of their choice or allows for certain ad formats to be shown.

Many (60%) would also be happy to uninstall the filters if there were fewer ads on the internet, and only 8% decidedly confirmed they would never get rid of their blockers.

A table within the report provides clues as to what could drop some of the rates of ad-blocker adoption seen in Poland.

On a general note, Maciej Maciejewski, head of MEC Wavemaker, highlighted that advertisers need to review their methods of reaching customers to ensure the right action is taken.

“This is certainly a hint for websites struggling to get back to a partner relationship with their readers about what kind of arguments they should use,” he commented.

“On our side, the research not only raises our awareness of the scale of the problem across different Internet users segments, but also points the direction we should go to deliver our communication to ad blockers.”