Bing Ads is developing Shared Budgets, a new tool to allow its users to spread funds across multiple campaigns.

Similarly to Google’s shared budget management feature within AdWords, it will allow advertisers to distribute funds between some or all campaigns within an account.

The solution is being developed for mobile apps on Android and iOS, and on the web for UI, API and Editor. It will be available in Bing Ads’ Shared Library.

Automatic distribution

The main benefit for Shared Budgets’ users will be the ability to have a single fund pot which they can allocate and redistribute to a number of campaigns, or across a subgroup of projects within an account.

The new technology will automatically target low-spending campaigns and allocate unutilised budget to those that perform well and could benefit from extra funds.

According to a statement from Bing, this will ultimately help to optimise user’s investment.

In a blog post, program manager at Microsoft Juan Carlos Ousset explained the way it will work:

“Say you have a budget of $20 to be used uniformly between two campaigns every day. On a given day, Campaign A spends only $8 (of its $10 budget) because it got fewer impressions and clicks than usual. Using Shared Budget, if Campaign B is performing well Bing Ads will automatically allocate that unutilised $2 to Campaign B. This will increase the chances of that unutilised budget being used to send you more traffic.”

Saving time

The tool is automatic, which will bring time savings for users who would otherwise have to carry out manual calculations to redistribute investments individually across campaigns.

The advantages can also help PPC campaign managers avoid situations where one project ends up with its budget underspent while another runs out of money.

Google’s very own tool for sharing campaign budgets was launched in 2012 and, much like Bing’s, can allow users to establish a daily budget for sharing between multiple campaigns within an AdWords account.

Bing Ads is currently running pilot tests to evaluate Shared Budgets’ functionality prior to launching it to all users.