Making the headlines…

Why China is a Booming Market for App Marketers

Aside from sheer mass of population, how did this region become such a booming one for mobile, and what are they doing right that makes for such unique success? Read on.

Twitter Halts Work on ‘Buy’ Buttons as Social Commerce Return Proves Low

Twitter has ceased development of ‘Buy’ buttons, as re-inaugurated CEO Jack Dorsey makes a decisive tack away from social commerce to its more profitable core forms of monetisation. Read on.

More PMA Winners’ Stories: MEC and Qriously, TopCashback and Uniqodo

We caught up with PMA victors in the wake of the industry’s tenth annual award ceremony. Hear from MEC and Qriously, Grand Prix winners, TopCashback, this year’s Industry Choice of Publisher, and Uniqodo, the Best New Entrant.

Emotive Experiences Key to Unlocking Consumer Engagement Across Screens

Taking into account users’ emotions and situation is crucial when trying to get their cross-screen attention, Yahoo’s new study has found. Read on.

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Creating a buzz…

Everything You Need To Know About Viewability

“A key feature of impact making ads is their high viewability rate. This can be an indicator of a high quality placement which can be valuable to advertisers as a KPI.”

Read on.

How to Stop the App Use Drop Off

“Getting apps ready to go takes months and once the app has captured user’s attention at the right moment, and with a quick tap a few seconds later, it’s on their screen: the deed is done. Or is it?”

Read on.

In the spotlight…

Helen Southgate from affilinet

Are publishers right to ‘name and shame’ their ad-blocking audiences? Read on.


Eric Eichmann from Criteo

Criteo’s new CEO talks about the company’s latest bout of success, where it’s headed, and what it reflects about the industry. Read on.

The numbers…


Rate of senior marketing professionals in APAC who use programmatic as part of the media-buying process. Read on.

10 million

Number of customers of Three, the first mobile provider to trial network-based ad blockers. Read on.


Alibaba’s rate of leads increase within six months. Read on.

In pictures…

What key factor is hindering programmatic adoption? We asked and our readers answered:

A new report has revealed which countries are most engaged with their mobile apps, and which categories see most downloads: