Tremor Video has made a decisive tack towards shutting down its ad network and demand-side platform (DSP), joining a swiftly narrowing group of independent online video businesses with exclusive focus on the supply side.

The decision, which will come into effect by H2 this year, was made by newly-appointed managing director Andrew Morley, who argued that Tremor’s three existing parts were causing confusion around the business’s direction, on both sides of the trading desk.

High demand

A move away from the “crowded” DSP market puts Tremor among a handful of remaining independently-owned SSPs within the UK and European market. Last month was acquired by the ComCast-owned FreeWheel for an undisclosed amount.

This marked the latest SSP merger as large ad tech firms close in to fill remaining gaps in their ad tech stacks. By sharpening its focus, Tremor Video has narrowed its competition in a bid to attract the UK’s premium publishers.

As reported in The Drum, Morley spoke on the first major decision of his management: “I came into the business, and was given the task of taking a good look at the business, and come up with a plan, and gathered that we were a bit confused.

“We were historically known as a video ad network in the UK, and as programmatic came a long that became a bit difficult [to effectively juggle both].”

Morely called the decision “difficult”, with the business’s three-pronged approach doing wonders for revenue. However, the MD believes its tactical weight-shedding will set Tremor Video up to capitalise in the long term.

Despite the change, Tremor will be maintaining its current line of services in the US market where it originates.

“The important thing to remember is that the UK is desperate for competition when it comes to SSPs,” stated Morley.