PerformanceIN catches up with PMA victors in the wake of the industry’s tenth annual award ceremony. Here we discuss the winner of the Rising Star Category, sponsored by AffiliateFuture.

Having entered the performance marketing space a mere two years ago, Severino Catindig-Stagg, senior account manager at Optimus Performance Marketing, left the awards holding the well-deserved Rising Star title.


Seve has shown considerable development, commitment and enthusiasm for his work, all attributes widely recognised among peers in this industry-voted category.  

Currently managing a team of six, he was praised for truly appreciating the performance marketing ecosystem and for his extensive knowledge, which allowed his clients to introduce a wealth of new affiliates to their brands.

“I’m absolutely delighted to have won this award,” commented Seve; “The Optimus team was well-represented in a few categories, but it was great to have earned this bit of personal recognition as well.

“As someone who has seen the growth of the company over the past couple of years, to feel like I’ve contributed to that, and have that recognised within the industry, is fantastic,” he added.