PerformanceIN catches up with PMA victors in the wake of the industry’s tenth annual award ceremony.

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Affiliate Window’s showcased its current momentum by taking home a number of accolades at the Performance Marketing Awards’ tenth anniversary.

The group championed four distinct categories at the ceremony in April, claiming the winner’s trophy for Network Innovation, and flexing its capability to diversify with a victory in Best Content Marketing Campaign with Topshop.

Wins were also seen in Best in Retail for a campaign with John Lewis, and Best in Technology & Telecoms for its work with BT.   

Anthony Clements, Affiliate Window’s country manager, said: “I have always viewed the Performance Marketing Awards as validation from the industry that the service, innovation and desire to challenge convention that we bring to the market is really making a difference.

“Not only is it fantastic to see our cross-device tracking technology recognised for network innovation, it was brilliant to see our advertisers take home awards.”

‘Our industry, our passion’

The Industry Choice categories is where Affiliate Window made it a quintuple win, voted in as the Industry’s Choice of Network for the fourth year in a row; an accolade made all the more meaningful due to being peer-recommended, noted Clements, who expressed his gratitude to those who voted.

“It’s one of the most highly coveted awards on the night, and winning it is certainly one of the highlights of our year.

“I’ve taken great pride in how our company has always positioned itself as experts in affiliate marketing – that’s our industry, and our passion. Seeing that recognised by peers and customers means a huge amount to us.”

Watch Affiliate Window and John Lewis take Best in Retail below: 


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