Barneys New York is using iBeacon technology in-store to personalise its shoppers’ experience as part of a swathe of digital improvements.

The chain of luxury department stores is connecting consumers’ online and offline behaviours to bring a first of its kind digital shopper experience, and power customer-centric personalisation for better service at its new outlet in Manhattan.

Content delivery

IBeacons, integrated with a personalisation platform provided by RichRelevance, are helping Barneys to share relevant content with people who opt-in via the store’s clienteling app. As customers move around the shop floor, they are prompted with personal recommendations of editorial content via a purpose-built app.

If they browse in the handbag section, for instance, they will see offers, videos or designer interviews related to bags. They will be also notified when they are near an item recognised in their mobile shopping bag or on their wishlist.

Phone is the key touchpoint for the technology. Matthew Woolsey, vice president of digital at Barneys, said: “We’re proud of the way we’ve used our customer data online and offline to be fluidly connected — it allows for a personalised, consistent experience in store and online.”

Anything is possible

Via the app, Barneys can connect shoppers with products via customer-centric recommendations based on the buyer’s unique history with the store, online and offline. It also features ‘endless aisle’ capability, which allows employees to access inventory across all the shops and arrange an order immediately. Customers can even use the app to purchase products via Apple pay.

”With the seamless integration of technology, our incredible staff, and a deep appreciation of our customer, we really do feel that everything is possible,” said Daniella Vitale, COO at Barneys New York, at the launch.

Barneys is the first luxury retailer to use this technology to deliver bespoke content to its shoppers. However, plenty of US stores like Macy’s, American Eagle and Apple are using iBeacons for bringing a more personalised experience to all buyers.