App marketers now have the ability to measure the performance of their products within both paid and organic search results on mobile.

Searchmetric’s ‘Mobile App Rankings’ automates the tracking of an app’s performance against competitors’ across both mobile and tablet searches, and works for both Android and iOS apps.

It arrives as search engines increasingly list mobile apps as potentially relevant results for queries made on mobile, opening up a significant channel for driving app engagement.

According to Searchmetrics, the rankings offer app developers search performance data for over 700 mobile and local search engine combinations, as well as access to a weekly rank of “winners and losers”, where marketers can benchmark their app’s success against their competitors’.


Searchmetrics claims to be the industry’s first group to offer this level of insight into a relatively new and untapped channel, which has so far slipped under the radar of the majority of app marketers.

The group recently conducted a survey uncovering that just 30% and 19% of this group respectively in the US have built Google’s App Indexing functionality into iOS and Android applications.

Searchmetrics’ hopes ‘Mobile App Rankings’ will make app-search marketing a more enticing prospect for mobile marketers looking to squeeze out maximum return from investment in an application.

According to Marcus Tober, founder and CTO of Searchmetrics, it represents a ”fantastic opportunity” to make better use of the cash piled into an app’s development through powering a greater number of conversions.