Leading office supply retailer Office Depot Europe’s B2B division Viking maintains strong relationships with its vendors. One of which, Dymo, was launching a new label printer which was for sale on the Viking website. For the product launch, Office Depot Europe needed a solution that could build awareness of the new item without the advantage of having pre-existing behavioural data.  


Having been working together in an ongoing partnership, Yieldr and Office Depot Europe collaborated on a new campaign to tackle the following objectives:

  • Building brand awareness for the new Dymo product
  • Intelligently target unique users who could be interested in the product
  • Drive traffic to the product listing to build behavioural data points by engaging consumers with rich media
  • Ultimately generate sales of the new product at a cost effective CPA

“Our vendor relations are an important part of our success and launching a new product always brings with it a unique set of challenges,” said Jenny Keijers, manager of display advertising in Europe at Office Depot.

“We needed to launch a campaign that could effectively engage new consumers to boost both brand awareness and knowledge of the product.” 


In order to achieve the proposed objectives for Office Depot Europe, Yieldr carried out a programmatic video branding campaign to highlight Dymo’s new label printer and inform consumers of its offerings. 

By communicating with audiences most likely to have an interest in the product through rich media, the necessary engagement levels could be reached to increase product exposure and knowledge. 

“We’ve had a longstanding partnership with Office Depot Europe where we’ve been able to tackle complex objectives with creative and inventive solutions,” said Jeanine Alsma, customer success manager at Yieldr.

“With regards to the Dymo campaign, we were able to take what many view as a performance marketing tactic in programmatic marketing and leverage it to find success on the branding level.” 


The first order of business was to construct messaging that would both engage and inform prospective customers about the Dymo printer. Dymo supplied an initial product video. Although informative, the video was very lengthy so Yieldr’s in-house creative team was tasked with making it consumable for the target audience. The video was edited down to 30 seconds and implemented within programmatic video banners which could be featured around the web to engage consumers. 

After the creatives were set, the next order of business was to put together the targeting parameters. It began by creating a cookie pool of prospects, using three segments: a general audience, category targeting – specifically business professionals – and running a separate billboard campaign. 

As more data points were compiled, the campaign was optimised overtime to create more granular targeting perimeters and re-engage the previously touched consumers. Office Depot Europe was able to increase the exposure of the Dymo printer by generating a number of high-impact impressions. 


In addition to seeing superior performance in core KPIs including viewability and click-through rate, the campaign also experienced a number of positive residual effects.

Impressions appeared in screen at a rate of more than 21% higher than the average for a video banner campaign. The superior placement of the ads lead to an increase in engagement. Consumers clicked through at a rate 2.5 times higher than the industry average for display ads. 

In addition to achieving core KPIs and performing well as a branding campaign, Office Depot Europe additionally experienced significant performance marketing results. The visibility the product received, resulted in a number of post-click sales at a CPA 2 times lower than an average branding campaign.

“We experienced a significant brand uplift and a surge in product page views from the Yieldr video banner campaign,” said Keijers.

“Additionally, we received a number of post-click sales at a reduced CPA, resulting from the increased exposure.”