Retargeting has proven an effective way of putting a specific product in front of a prospective buyer, but according to a new survey into its uses, generating awareness – not sales – is the top objective.

AdRoll’s ‘State of the Industry’ report and accompanying infographic delivers a number of insights into how UK marketers are utilising data-driven techniques, like programmatic advertising and retargeting to approach would-be customers.

According to a survey of 220 marketing pros conducted by the ad tech group, 57% are using the latter to deliver good awareness for their brand, while a lower proportion of 40% see this paying off in terms of sales.

Seemingly content with just being able to put their products in front of people, 42% of marketers are planning on dedicating 10-24% of their online ad budget to retargeting, and over third (36%) will be increasing spend in this area over the coming year.

Revealing several other intriguing stats, the infographic can be found below (click to enlarge).