In 2016 PerformanceIN will be looking to ensure our affiliate readers are given plenty of options when it comes to deciding on the best programmes to join up with. Today, we’re speaking to instantprint about its own offering for publishers. 

Name: Instantprint Affiliate Programme


The instantprint programme is fairly new, why should affiliates work with you ahead of your competitors? 

The biggest draw to our programme is that affiliates will have the chance to earn more with us than they would with our competitors, as our commission rates are market-leading. Other benefits include high conversion rates and AOV and a dedicated in-house affiliate manager, who will be on hand to help at any stage. 

Which types of publishers are you actively looking to recruit?

We actively work with all types of publishers and we’re always looking for new partnerships. 

Our strategy is currently focused on acquisition and finding customers with a high lifetime value. We’ve found that cashback and content affiliates deliver those customers so we’re really interested in building relationships with more of them. 

Typically what can publishers expect from your programme in the way of commission? 

We offer £1.50 for every existing customer that an affiliate refers to us. For every new customer, that rate jumps up to £9. We can also offer bespoke commission rates in return for addition exposure or for an exclusive opportunity to be promoted to a specific audience. 

Are there any exciting developments coming up for affiliates? 

Absolutely! We have a few plans in the pipeline, such as creating competitions to help smaller affiliates earn more commission, and having voucher codes aimed at new customers so that affiliates have more opportunities to drive sales. In addition to this, we plan to work closer with affiliates to create bespoke marketing campaigns. This will help to drive revenue, commission and raise awareness of instantprint amongst small businesses.

Who is your target audience? 

Small and micro businesses. Our mission is to provide them with great print for great prices. It’s as easy as that!  

For more information on the Instantprint Affiliate Programme click here.