PerformanceIN has teamed up with affiliate agency Acceleration Partners to bring its members the Affiliate Expansion supplement, available to download now.

Providing the baseline advice, Acceleration Partners’ CEO and founder Robert Glazer is joined by a host of experts, sourced from a broad demographic of internationally operating companies.

Viewpoints are provided by performance marketing agency R.O.EYE, advertising technology specialist Yieldify, fashion industry advertiser REISS and affiliate network Affiliate Window.

The heavyweight combination of experience operating affiliate programmes internationally has formed the basis for a number of features, Q&As and infographics, created in eye-catching form by PerformanceIN, all of which are included in the free-to-download resource.

Affiliate, the key component

Affiliate marketing is serving as a key component in the consistent growth of e-commerce across the globe, where sales are expected to reach $2.05 trillion in 2016.

Such is its ability to drive sales and awareness in a cost-effective manner, the channel is also acting as an agile vehicle for advertisers looking to break into new markets, as our new supplement will reveal.

Our first report for 2016 – designed as a starting point for affiliate marketers at all levels – explores the case-by-case viability of programme expansion and how marketers can best approach a new market launch.

Supplement overview

Those who download the supplement can expect a comprehensive breakdown of emerging and mature international markets for advertisers to consider. This is followed up by starting points for those who wish to expand their affiliate programme overseas and a detailed overview of the common pitfalls encountered.

The experts also assisted in providing answers to our client FAQs – posed in an effort to pre-empt some of the most commonly occurring queries affiliate marketers and advertisers tend to bring to the table when planning around expansion.  

Not exclusively reserved for those already practicing affiliate, the supplement will serve well as a resource for marketers with a keen interest in learning more about the affiliate channel and its full capabilities when entering new markets.

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