Google will be shutting down its comparison tool, Google Compare, which provides lead generation programmes for niche verticals.

The comparison programmes span credit card, auto insurance, mortgage and travel insurance providers across the US and UK, allowing shoppers to view multiple offers while Google takes commission on referrals.

An email to partners announced the decision yesterday evening (February 23), stating that product breakdown will begin immediately, finishing a month later on March 23.

This was published on Search Engine Land and cites a lack of success as the main reason for pulling the product, adding that the existing team will be shifting their focus to AdWords and “future innovations”.

A Google spokesperson added that while searches on queries remained high, the service didn’t acquire the level of traction it desired, and revenue suffered as a result.

A rare setback

Introduced in 2012, the Alphabet giant’s comparison products, which allowed users to pit companies against each other without leaving Google search, threatened to cast a shadow over the comparison site industry.

The search engine’s products even drew anti-competitive criticism from the European Commission, who accused the group of abusing its power by giving its comparison sites a hefty SEO boost.

This latest announcement is a rare setback for Google, which has so far had little trouble in diversifying its offerings to advertisers.

However, AdWords remains the primary driver of the company’s revenue (66%), while comparison shopping is a less efficient form of monetisation for a company of Alphabet’s size.