A new entrant has quietly arrived onto the affiliate e-commerce scene, alerting consumers when price reductions are made on certain products.

Notifyy is the creation of Daniel Benzie, lead developer at full-service agency 10 Yetis Digital, which invites users to copy in a product URL before setting a ‘target price’ on which an alert would be based.

The website currently uses content monetisation tool Skimlinks, what its creator describes as an easy and “catch all” solution, but has reportedly garnered interest among affiliate marketing networks just days after launch.

Notifyy claims to already be tracking more stores than its competitors, and vouches to add and track new outlets that consumers input within 24 hours, all of which provides rife opportunity for predicting retail pricing patterns, says Benzie.

“Behind the scenes we are collecting a tonne of pricing data from some of the UK’s biggest brands and we are building up knowledge of when price drops are most likely to happen, and conversely, when price increases are most likely to occur.”

The service has also reported strong engagement with its additional ‘collections’ feature, where users are compiling wedding, birthday and house moving lists.

Disrupting product pricing

Private beta testing in August last year saw Notifyy attract some 5000 users within five months, spurred on by the goal of “disrupting” the product pricing strategies of major retailers.

“We don’t think that consumers are aware of just how frequently prices change for the majority of products, in some instances, especially around big ticket, highly-popular electronic products, several times per day,” comments Benzie.

The service has so far achieved growth without any external marketing, but Benzie’s employer is backing the venture moving forward.

“If you wanted to be formal I guess you could call 10 Yetis the angel investor in Notifyy,” says Andy Barr, co-founder of 10 Yetis Digital.

The agency plans to fund Notifyy’s marketing budget while also driving the media side of the launch campaign, part of what Barr describes as a culture of supporting digital talent within the business.

“Dan works for 10 Yetis and the company always looks to support and encourage an entrepreneurial culture within the business and, as such, has invested in order to support this business,” says Barr.