Phunware is the global authority for helping companies succeed on mobile. Their expertise ranges from building apps to mobile strategies for engaging, managing, and monetising users. Phunware is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with offices in Southern California, Florida, and London. Big brands such as NBC Sports, the CW, and WWE trust Phunware to shape their strategy on mobile. Since 2009, the company has been offering business and product strategy, from conceptualisation and research to UX design and technical architecture.

Regardless of their stage of mobile development, Phunware can help all advertisers with a wide variety of features to support their brand to engage with mobile audiences. Because Phunware has developed hundreds of apps, it has access to exclusive inventory and proprietary data that helps power and advance its growing mobile advertising platform. This allows for more accurate targeting and attribution to maximise the effectiveness of campaigns.


As a quickly-growing company gaining large accounts just as rapidly, Phunware needed a dual-purpose solution—one that could accurately track data points, as well as support server-to-server tracking to report mobile data. Additionally, it had to be a solution that could scale as the business grew. Before working with HasOffers, they encountered issues with other software products which included technical problems, tracking delays, and broken tracking.

“When issues like these occurred, we lost revenue and momentum with our campaigns. The ability to accurately track our performance data with very little disruption (or none at all) is extremely important and is the reason HasOffers is so vital to our business,” said Phunware VP of performance advertising, Jay Loveridge.

A solution which could provide consistent, reliable tracking with accurate attribution was vital to begin serious growth in the company. 


Having implemented HasOffers during the early stages of the business, Phunware was able to scale efficiently and Loveridge says HasOffers has been a “crucial asset” to the company.

What set HasOffers apart as the leading choice for Phunware was:

1. User experience: The HasOffers interface is flexible for white labeling and makes it easy to generate reports. 
2. Tech support and account management: Access to 24/7 tech support that is quick and dependable.
3. Technical reliability: Trustworthy platform with virtually no downtime allows for accurate attribution and the ability to make decisions based on real-time data. 


Choosing HasOffers has given Phunware the ability to expand their performance business by efficiently managing and optimising campaigns. They achieved an increase in revenue, as well as successes for their clients.

Loveridge said, “HasOffers has helped our performance business increase our revenues by 50% year on year, and we continue to see success with top developers due to the efficiencies that TUNE provides.”

Phunware’s clients have also experienced the benefit of using HasOffers. In fact, a gaming company—which uses Phunware’s advertising platform—has delivered over two million high LTV installs, a lucrative outcome for both the gaming company and Phunware.

Overall, Phunware has seen staggering growth in both clicks and conversions. Since only 2014, clicks have grown 8.6 times, while conversions have risen 3.8 times. To date, the company’s clicks have increased 194 times, with conversions surging 74 times since becoming a HasOffers customer in 2012. 

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