YuMe, Inc., (NYSE: YUME), the global audience technology company powered by data-driven insights and multi-screen expertise, has announced an enhanced version of its programmatic publisher monetization platform offering, YuMe for Publishers (YFP).

YuMeąs supply-side platform (SSP), YFP, enables publishers to monetize multi-screen inventory through a variety of sales channels, including open auction (RTB), private marketplace (PMP) and direct sales, all facilitated through intuitive workflows within an all-new user interface. The platform also provides in-depth, advanced reporting on demand and sales channels, audiences and content, as well as traffic quality, enabling platform publishers to optimize monetization based upon data-driven analysis.

YuMe devised its audience-based monetization capabilities to create the best-in-breed platform for understanding and building multi-screen functionality. Now, publishers are better equipped to understand their audiences and the content they are consuming on various digital screens, making more strategic decisions on content strategy and driving incremental traffic on each device.

łOur goal is to enable our publishers to maximize the value of every single impression while giving them comprehensive visibility into all aspects of their monetization needs,˛ said Venkat Krishnan, Senior Vice President, Products, YuMe. łOur latest release provides publishers not only with big data, but with smart data that points out key revenue drivers and allows them to manage their inventory more effectively across a variety of demand sources.˛

YFP will also offer publishers turnkey access to a variety of integrated demand sources, including leading brands that work directly with YuMe, demand-side platforms (DSPs) including YuMe for Advertisers (YFA) and other major third-party DSPs, providing extensive demand for incremental revenue opportunities.

łYuMe has created a platform with YFP that allows publishers like us to efficiently package and price inventory for a variety of sales channels, and receive stronger insights about our audience with advanced reporting, all within an intuitive interface,ł said Larry Weitzman, Chief Content Officer and Chief of Operations, CineSport. łWeąre excited about what this development can bring to the publisher marketplace.˛

The release of YFP comes on the heels of this summerąs launch of YFA, the companyąs programmatic demand side platform, and is YuMeąs latest step in the process of creating the industryąs leading, full-stack platform offering multi-screen video advertising and audience insights.

To learn more about YuMe for Publishers please visit http://www.yume.com/yfp.