Seeing the opportunity to look back on fond memories, we’ll be rolling out a series of top-10 lists for our most-read articles in 2015. More or less dictated by Google, a single update can send out shockwaves in the search marketing space (remember Mobilegeddon?). Here are the results for this category.

How Google Could Crush Price Comparison Websites

Google’s continued push into the price comparison space within search results led Indago Digital’s Tom Sadler to question whether it spelt trouble for household names such as GoCompare, Compare The Market and Skyscanner.  

Top Four Tips to Improve Your Mobile SEO Performance

Having great rankings on desktop doesn’t mean your site performs as well on mobile; a handful of pointers from new performance marketing group, Ecselis, covered everything marketers should do to ensure their content is ready for on-the-go SERPS.

Google Makes Changes to Algorithm, Rewards “Mobile-Friendly” Sites

Mobiles are being used more than ever by consumers accessing the web, so when Google announced it was going to reward “mobile-friendly” sites with better rankings, PerformanceIN was on hand to give you, the reader, the low-down.

Top Three Trends Set to Shape the Future of Paid Search

Paid search is a channel in constant upheaval, according to iProspect, and the coming years will be no exception. Here are the three trends that the agency believed would shape paid options on Bing and Google.

Amazon to Shut PPC Ad Option Which Drove Traffic Away from Marketplace

Amazon’s own Product Ad feature enabled retailers to pay for traffic driven from the marketplace to their own sites, but when it pulled the product for fear of leaking data to competitors, our readers took note.

Have Changes to Google’s Search Algorithm been Unearthed?

Early in the year there were murmurings that Google had released another update to its search algorithm. Was there any substance to these? Searchmetrics thought it had caught a scent…

Yandex Follows Google’s Lead with ‘Mobile-Friendly’ Label

Google’s estranged Russian brother Yandex followed the former’s suit, announcing a new set of “mobile-friendly” criteria to be met for mobile and tablet users. However, unlike Google, Yandex offered no carrot.

Q&A: Jan-Willem Bobbink Covers Your SEO Priorities and Warnings for 2015

Ahead of his session at PMI: Europe, search mogul Jan-Willem Bobbink imparted his wisdom on international SEO, its rising profile and what Google’s next move could be.

What a Post-Mobilegeddon Search Landscape Really Looks Like

When word spread about Google’s biggest ever change to its smartphone search algorithm, the SEO community was up in arms about the potential damage inflicted on a site that wasn’t deemed ‘mobile-friendly’. But just how much of an impact did it have?

Majority of UK Firms Prepared to Inflict SEO Damage on Rival Sites

The need for companies to rank highly for their desired keywords on search engines has been heightened in recent years, but a study found that nearly one in five UK companies would take on illicit tactics.