SALESmanago, leading European Marketing Automation platform with over 4500 customers in 40 countries fully integrated with Mobile Marketing Automation and starts providing most complex individual customer data including website and mobile app behaviour, transactions, apps installed as well as data about offline behaviour. Thanks to integration of SALESmanago with mobile marketing automation solution APPmanago (, marketers may now expand array of marketing automation processes enabled by complex individual customers’ mobile data. “We are currently managing data of over 200 mln consumers in Europe and we observe huge shift to mobile and mobile becomes today more important source of information about customer’s preferences and interests than desktop”, says Greg Blazewicz, SALESmanago Marketing Automation CEO & Founder. “Consumer behaviours are changing extremely fast today and this poses huge challenge not only for marketers but also for marketing technology providers. We are extremely glad to be one of the first marketing automation players to really encompass these problems and be able to help marketers.” SALESmanago founded in 2011 is based in Kraków and employs over 120 people in offices in Warsaw, NYC, London and Bangalore. Company specializes in automated real-time marketing in B2C and eCommerce. The company boasts internationally known customers such as WWF, Timberland, Yves Rocher and Harvard Business Review, as well as large e-Commerce companies, Telco companies, and major European banks. Datanyze ranks SALESmanago as the world’s TOP6 Marketing Automation Platform with over 3500 implementations. Venture Beat ranked SALESmanago as a leader in Marketing Automation for B2C / Small Medium Business. More information