Leading cross channel marketing attribution solution provider, Visual IQ, has been chosen by The Economist to provide a clear view of marketing performance across multiple channels and markets, and better allocate its media budget to build its subscription base with greater efficiency. Available online and in print in cities across the globe, The Economist offers mind-stretching journalism for the globally curious. As the customer journey to subscription has grown more complex, the publication needed to understand the true value of each marketing interaction, the function that each plays in the conversion funnel (opener, advancer, closer), and the optimal sequence of touchpoints for generating new subscribers across geographic regions and markets at the lowest cost per acquisition. “At The Economist, we are working to reach ambitious subscription goals, which will continue to grow over the next few years,” explained Iain Noakes, The Economist’s Global Acquisition Journey & Performance Director. “It is vital that we are able to reach these targets as efficiently as possible and therefore important for us to embrace more accurate attribution measurement solutions. Visual IQ is able to configure its platform to best suit our business needs and offers a complete solution that will empower us to increase subscription numbers across all of our markets globally.” Vanessa Tadier, Visual IQ’s General Manager for Europe, commented: “It is fantastic to be able to work with such a prominent publication to improve its marketing performance across the globe and help it understand the true impact of its media investments in each market to ensure its marketing efforts are as efficient as possible. We are delighted to be selected to help the publication better understand this and ultimately boost revenue through increased subscriptions.”